There’s another network that might be willing to give Arrested Development another shot at TV, should the series return for one short season as creator Mitchell Hurwitz is hoping for. IFC, which has already shown support for AD and its fans by airing reruns may be interested in hosting the comedy’s return.?

To catch you up in case you’re out of the loop, Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz announced at the New Yorker Festival that he hopes to bring the series back for a 9-10 episode season before doing a big-screen film. Since then, there’s been a lot of speculation as to where the TV show would air, if not Fox. Netflix and Showtime are said to be possibilities. Now, according to Reuters, IFC may be among the networks with an interest in the show. No talks have taken place, though.

While network TV might be preferable in terms of building as big an audience as possible for the show’s return, IFC really wouldn’t be a bad place for AD to make its comeback. Not only does the channel already air reruns of the comedy, but it’s also the home of The Onion News Network, not to mention IFC’s hilarious original comedy Portlandia. Getting the new Arrested Development could certainly help the channel gain more viewers, many of which might stick around for some of the channel's other programming.

We’ll close out this bit of news with a few random Arrested Development clips courtesy of Youtube:

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