It's been more than a decade since Jamie Foxx hosted Saturday Night Live, but the Django Unchained star hasn't lost his sense of humor. Of a season of hit or miss episodes, Jamie Foxx's SNL episode last night had a number of funny sketches, including one about a tree pimp, and another that explores the confusion between Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney.

Last night's SNL seemed to get better better with each sketch, with some of the funnier sketches landing at the end. Among the highlights of the episode was the Mulroney/McDermott focused game show that had fun with the idea that these two actors are easy to mix up (which they kind of are). There was also Tyler Perry's Madea sketch that had Foxx playing two roles (at once), and for something a bit more holiday focused, a sketch that had Kenan Thompson as a tree pimp.

Among some of the other tidbits are the musical performances by Ne-Yo, The "Maine Justice" sketch is also well worth checking out and offers a funny guest appearance by It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Charlie Day. And I found the "Swarvoski Crystals" sketch bizarrely funny. And as a bonus, we have a video from the dress rehearsal that has Bill Hader and Fred Armisen playing chatty doormen. While the sketch itself is just ok, what's funner is the two guys' inability to keep it together all the way through.

Ahead are the videos, starting with the Presidential cold open…

Fiscal Cliff Press Conference Cold Open
President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner announce they've reached a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, and it doesn't involve raising taxes!

Jamie Foxx Monologue
Jamie Foxx is happy black is the new white and has no problem pointing out "How black is that?" instances.

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