Jason Schwartzman is carving time out of his busy schedule to visit Pawnee, Indiana. The actor has officially signed on for an upcoming half hour to air during Parks And Recreation’s current fifth season, and if the perfunctory episode description fulfills even a percentage of its hilarious comedic premise, fans might well be in for an all-time classic episode of the hilarious NBC staple.

According to The Huffington Post, Schwartzman will play a local video rental store owner named Dennis Lerpiss who has fallen on hard times, given the lagging demand for in-person movie rentals. To try and right the ship and help out a once beloved local business, Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope uses her governmental resources to try and make the Pawnee VideoDome a historical landmark.

Producers haven’t announced when we should expect to see this potential greatness aired, but given how many weeks television shows typically work in advance, it could be closer to the season finale. Regardless, the when is far less important than the how. Parks And Recreation is one of the more inconsistent shows on television. Some episodes are among the funniest on television every week, and some rely too much on awkwardness and humiliating characters.

We’ll keep you updated once more information becomes available in the form of stills, clips or more elongated episode descriptions. Until then, here’s to hoping this ends up being a little more like Rushmore and a little less like Marie Antoinette.

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