Jeff Eastin's New USA Drama Graceland Begins Production

Some of us are still getting over the news that USA has cancelled two of their series. While many will likely miss Fairly Legal and Common Law, there are new things on the horizon for USA, including Jeff Eastin's new series Graceland, which has officially begun production this week.

Based on a true story, Graceland stars Daniel Sunjata and Aaron Tveit and follows a group of undercover agents from the FBI, DEA and U.S. Customs as they live together in a beachfront house in Southern California called Graceland. USA has already given us a glimpse of the series' pilot with a preview video. The network ordered eleven more episodes of the series, and production has begun in Fort Lauderdale, FL this week.

Said Eastin, “When I first learned about the real ‘Graceland,’ I knew this story was too good not to tell. People from three different government agencies living and working undercover in the same beach house - the amount of conflict, danger and fun that creates is incredibly exciting to me. Just as importantly, we want Graceland to break new ground for the network with a darker, grittier style.”

Check out the preview for the trailer below.

Given the success of his current drama White Collar, we can only hope that Eastin's new show will do as well on the network. Talk of going "darker and grittier" sounds like it'll push the boundaries of USA's lighter fare, but the common thread of law enforcement ties the concept to other successful series at USA, including White Collar. It'll be exciting to see how the pilot looks and what kind of chemistry USA's new characters have with one another when this show airs next summer.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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