Jenny Slate And Ari Graynor Are Creating A Road Trip Comedy Together

After years of hilariously filling supporting roles in other people’s series, actress and stand-up comedian Jenny Slate will hopefully be front and center of her very own comedy project soon, alongside co-star Ari Graynor. FX has picked up an as-yet-untitled pilot from the team behind Slate’s critically acclaimed 2014 comedy Obvious Child. This potential series will likely include 100% less abortions, in case you thought they were dipping into the same well.

The pilot will team Slate up with Bad Teacher star Graynor, and they’ll play two native New Yorkers respectively named Lou and Viv who meet up in their 30s and decide to match creative wits. For their combined next project, the two decide to make a movie that involves driving across the country together. The show will extract its comedy from exploring the relationship between Lou and Viv.

According to Variety, it’s being described by FX execs as “like Thelma and Louise – but nobody dies.” It’s kind of hard to get turned away by that description. Now if only they could land Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon for cameos. Or Brad Pitt, you know, if he’s not busy or whatever.

The comedy will be written by Obvious Child story co-scribe Elisabeth Holm, and it will be her second official writing credit, although she’s done some behind-the-scenes work on other projects. Obvious Child director and co-writer Gillian Robespierre will be behind the camera for the pilot, and this will be her third gig, following the film and the short that inspired it. They will be executive producing alongside Slate and A24 Films.

Jenny Slate, who is also the author behind the Marcel the Shell with Shoes On children’s books, had a short stint on Saturday Night Live before moving on to scene-stealing roles on Parks and Recreation and House of Lies. She voices the ponytailed twit Tammy on Bob’s Burgers and co-stars on FX’s Married and Comedy Central’s Kroll Show.


Known for roles in films such as Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and For a Good Time, Call…, Ari Graynor is no stranger to the small screen. She’s had past roles on shows like Fringe and The Sopranos, with the short-lived Bad Teacher serving as her first leading role. She was most recently seen in episodes of IFC’s Garfunkel and Oates and Kroll Show.

Production on the untitled pilot is scheduled to begin this week in New York, so here’s hoping we have positive news about its future soon.

Nick Venable
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