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Former SNL funnywoman and Marcel the Shell with Shoes On writer Jenny Slate is headed to ABC to portray one of the leading ladies in the network’s new comedy pilot, Pulling. In the pilot, Slate will play a woman named Karen who is all business during the day but who turns into a wild lady once the sun sets.

Deadline first reported the news on Saturday, just a few hours after actress Mandy Moore dropped out of the pilot. This initially led me to believe Slate would replace Moore as Louise, another of the three women that will star in Pulling. However, this turned out to not be the case. Slate is now one of two women who have been locked in for the pilot, the second being June Diane Raphael, who is set to play the queen bee of the trio.

Pulling is written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky and will follow three thirty-something women who don’t quite have their acts together, but who are living their lives the way they want to. Their trials and tribulations will likely have to do with their personalities and, apparently, Moore’s acting capabilities didn’t really mesh. Both Slate and Raphael are strong comedic talents, and hopefully, whoever ends up playing Louise will be able to keep up the pace. We’ll let you know when the final leading lady is re-cast for the pilot, as well as whether Pulling moves forward to series over at ABC.