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Long-running trivia game show Jeopardy has a history of great moments, from unexpected responses, to huge wins and even bigger losses. A video featuring highlights from an episode of Jeopardy's Teen Tournament has gone viral, showing off some of the impressive accomplishments (and an amusing response) of contestant Leonard Cooper. Take a few minutes to watch this video.

The video below went online a couple of days ago and is approaching 5 million views. At nearly three minutes, it shows a few highlights from young Leonard's performance on the game show, beginning with nearly missing an answer when he couldn't think of the right word, to a whopper of a daily double, and finally, his funny response during the Final Jeopardy.

He took a chance on nearly all of his money with that Daily Double, but it paid off big time thanks to Leonard knowing the plot of 12 Angry Men. With that score, he was already so far ahead, that the smart move for Final Jeopardy later on was not to wager much, if anything at all. And he was fortunate to practice that strategy, because his answer (or question) to the clue was "Who is some guy in Normandy. But I just won $75,000!" Funny and true, though incorrect for the actual answer. But he wagered $0 on the final question, which left his score intact and, tacked onto his previous winnings, put him at $75k. Certainly not a bad haul for a (very smart) kid. And he ended the tournament with a laugh. Nice job, Leonard!