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Although Supernatural has yet to be officially renewed for an eighth season, the fact that a new co-showrunner is being brought on board is a pretty positive sign that it will happen. With Sera Gamble on the way out, the CW series is bringing back an old friend to step into her shoes, and take over running of the show with Robert Singer.

The new (old) face behind the scenes at Supernatural will be Jeremy Carver, Deadline reports. Carver spent time on Supernatural as executive story editor and then as co-producer before he headed over to SyFy to work on Being Human as executive producer alongside his wife Anna Fricke. She will be handling things on that show while Carver makes his way back over to the CW to step up as an executive producer as well as co-showrunner.

Jeremy Carver was the writer behind some of the more memorable episodes of Supernatural in the past, including A Very Supernatural Christmas, and should fit right back into the groove on the show. Meanwhile Sera Gamble has apparently decided she wants to focus on development, so no doubt we’ll be hearing from her on some new projects in the future.

For fans who are still waiting to hear on season eight of Supernatural, the show is expected to return and we’ll likely get the official word in the near future. Bringing on a new co-showrunner for next season pretty much locks in the fact that there actually will be another season, so no need to worry about the fate of Supernatural.

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