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More Jersey Shore adventures await. Actually, the clips that we have to show you from tonight’s episode seem decidedly lacking in adventure, unless you count the bromantic day-date Pauly and Vinny take together. We also learn that Snooki has trouble telling time, or rather, she has “no idea how to speak clock language.”

In the clip below, Vinny and Pauly spend some quality time with one another. It’s hard to imaging how Pauly would be holding up had Vinny not returned to be by his side...

And in this one, Snooki and Mike do some mild flirting. There’s talk of whipped cream, and then Snooki struggles with the basics of speaking “clock language.”

Yikes. Actually, the clock portion of the conversation reminds me of a talk Jordan had with Jeff on Big Brother wherein she admitted to not understanding clock-talk.

See how it all works out when this episode of Jersey Shore airs tonight (Thursday) at 10/9c on MTV.

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