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Jersey Shore Season 6 Premiere: The Beginning Of The End Happens Tonight

All good things must come to an end. And that applies to reality shows also! Jersey Shore begins its sixth and final season tonight as the houseguests return to Seaside for one last summer at the Shore before moving on with their lives.

Once upon a time, GTL, DTF and "grenade" were likely to be unfamiliar terms for us, but Jersey Shore changed all that. The reality series, which debuted nearly four years ago (December 9, 2009), introduced us to a group of strangers who shared one notable thing in common: they were all young, self-proclaimed Guidos/Guidettes. And their (varying degrees of) Italian-American heritage, love of fake-tans, the gym and club-hopping was enough common ground on which to build a lasting friendship. Since their first summer in Seaside Heights, most of the group remained friends and return for later seasons. Angelina left. Deena arrived. The show went on. And beginning tonight (Thursday, October 4), we'll see the group come back together for their final summer at the Shore. The trailer below has a little flashback fun before previewing the new season, which includes Snooki's pregnancy.

And here are the cast photos for Season 6. The first of them has the gang up on the roof and posed for a barbecue

And this one shows the gang surrounded by t-shirt prints - a nod to their job at the T-shirt shop where they work and the Jersey Shore-inspired t-shirts.

Jersey Shore Season 6 premieres Thursday, October 4 at 10/9c on MTV.

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