Jersey Shore's Vinny Gets His Own MTV Show: Watch The Trailer

Not to be left out of the spin-off game, Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino has his own series in the works. MTV released a trailer to give us a look at what Vinny has going on for the simply-titled The Show With Vinny, which seems to be more of a reality/talk show, and will feature celebrity guests.

Vinny's arguably the most likable of the Jersey Shore guys, and known for his very welcoming (and food-loving) Italian-American family, which appears to tie into the new series he's doing at MTV. Rather than assuming viewers will be content to follow Vinny around to watch his day-to-day antics (though I'm sure many would), as we've seen with the other Jersey Shore spinoffs, The Show With Vinny will have the star inviting musicians, TV stars and public figures into his home to meet his family, enjoy some of Mom's cooking and whatever else he has planned for them.

The trailer below shows us a bit from Lil Wayne's visit to the Guadagnino house.

As much as I want to roll my eyes at another Jersey Shore spinoff, I actually think Vinny's a pretty charming guy and his mother seems adorable. The fact that the series is more of a talk show or a celebrity interview show than it is a series focused entirely on 'the life of Vinny' just adds to the appeal. If I have the trailer right, the series will put Vinny and his family's charm to work with various celebrities for some amusing encounters and whatever else might happen when the two elements collide. It could work.

Yeah buddy.

No premiere date mentioned, but the trailer says we should expect it this year.

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