The Jeselnik Offensive And Nathan For You Renewed By Comedy Central

Comedy Central is bringing back a couple of its freshman programs for a sophomore round. The late-night, darkly humorous The Jeselnik Offensive has been picked up for a second season, as has the docu-comedy Nathan For You. Both programs are similar in that they feature burgeoning comedians--in the former’s case Anthony Jeselnik and in the latter’s Nathan Fielder--but have little else in common, unless you count that they are both getting 10 episode orders from Comedy Central for Season 2.

The Jeselnik Offensive will return to the schedule, first. Season 2 of the hit series is set to premiere in July. Season 1 offered a variety of witty segments and interesting panelists, from The League’s Nick Kroll (who has his own Comedy Central program), to T.J. Miller, Brian Posehn, Abby Elliot, Amy Schumer and more. There’s no word on who will pop up in the second season of the late-night program, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know. All in all, I think it’s safe to say, as per his Twitter, executive producer Jeselnik is stoked about the renewal.

“Blueberry Pie, motherfuckers. The Jeselnik Offensive is coming back in July.”

Fans who are more into Nathan For You will have a bit longer to wait for new episodes. Season 2 won’t be premiering on the network until 2014, which makes sense, as Nathan For You is a sort-of scripted comedy about a wacky business consultant who comes up with off-the-wall plans to help struggling businesses. This is actually a great premise that should have a never-ending amount of wacky plots to supplement it; however, it will take a little longer to get a new season together.

We’ll let you know when both shows get official premiere times and dates.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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