Comedian Jim Jefferies is not a man who allows his personal feelings to fester deep inside for long periods of time. He gets out on the stage and he lets people know every off-color, anti-religion, intoxicant-induced thought he’s having, audience reactions be damned. And while he has morphed his material slightly to fit the sitcom format of his FXX series Legit, this is a show that couldn’t have come from the mind of anyone else. I mean, who has Andy Dick for an acting coach?

We recently caught up with the hilarious Australian to talk about the quickly approaching second season of Legit, which begins Wednesday, February 26. Aside from learning that his birthday is on Valentine’s Day and that he has no interest in watching the hours of footage for his Funny or Die Valentine’s video, we found out quite a few of the directions these characters’ lives will be headed in. (Hint: none of them are up.) Beyond the onscreen antics, Jefferies also shared the background behind some of the storylines, which are both silly and slightly depressing. And he wouldn't have it any other way. A smattering of foul language will follow.

Jim is a (Sort of) Diagnosed Sex Addict
In the first episode, Jim pays a visit to Dr. Drew Pinsky on Loveline, and it soon becomes apparent (as if it ever wasn’t) that Jim is a sex addict, and his road to recovery is filled with boob-shaped speed bumps, including Steve (Dan Bakkedahl) and the wheelchair-bound Billy (DJ Qualls). Like many episode threads from the first season, Jefferies went into his own past for this slice of life. As strange as it seems, the conversation actually happened, and while some people would have been far too embarrassed to reveal an addiction of any kind, Jefferies just lets it all hang out.
“That conversation with Dr. Drew actually pretty much all happened. I was doing Loveline and he sort of diagnosed me as a – with sex addiction and told me to go off and get some therapy. I went to a couple of SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) meetings. So although it’s not a stand-up routine, it was lifted from my life. I didn’t find a woman who likes big cocks to go fuck a disabled person. You know, you gotta take some liberties.”

Sounds like the privileged pants area of Billy will be getting lucky while Jim is trying not to. Cue the fireworks montage. But maybe the monogamous life won't be impossible for Jim, as Jefferies states, “I have a love interest that follows me through the season.” We all know his qualities with women involve cheating on them and not quite wanting them to get raped by home invaders, so it's not surprising that his completely innocent sex joke to an actress has followed him, blackballing his career. Both Steve and Jim are on a downward spiral, he said, and his lack of work means that everyone is running out of money. So why, then, would he quantify that statement to say he'll actually have "two girlfriends" this season. I guess the financial crisis of a stand-up comic isn't always the Life of Riley for everyone.

One wonders how either this celibacy or fidelity will be handled once happy endings get involved, as Jefferies also said a later episode will contain a “a rub and tug parlor scene with five actors and five Asian masseuses.” Now why wouldn't he have gone into the background behind that plot?

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