Jimmy Fallon Borrows Letterman's Top 10 List For Retirement Tribute

News of Letterman’s retirement has been all over the web over the past several days, thanks to early rumors leaked via social media sites and some excellent and poignant video footage provided by CBS. There have been plenty of reactions to the initial announcement, with fans and other late night hosts alike being affected by the veteran host’s big news, but none has been more fitting than Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show tribute to the man, which came in the form of a “Top 10” list.

Fallon’s such a freaking fantastic fanboy in this post, humbly talking about Letterman being a great rolemodel for him and describing an evening when Letterman and Paul Shaffer made it on to his late night show. Letterman was hanging out backstage looking at Fallon’s setup when her remarked that he had nothing like it during his tenure at NBC, mentioning that he was “jealous of Fallon’s linoleum.” Hilarious, but I digress; let’s get in to Fallon’s “Top 10 Reasons Why Letterman Is Retiring.”

The total ripoff of Letterman’s famous segment includes items like “wants to quit while he’s still able to compete on Dancing with the Stars” and “he’s not retiring, he’s consciously unhosting.” The best nod is number one, though, where Fallon mentions Letterman has to retire because “Jimmy Fallon is stealing his bits.” Seriously, if you haven’t watched the video above, it’s time to give it a shot.

The late night talk show realm has really changed over the last several years. Leno is out and Fallon is in. Kimmel is competing in the more prominent timeslot, now. Hell, veteran Saturday Night Live writer Seth Meyers has earned his own show. Amidst this, the only program that has been stable has been David Letterman’s Late Show, which is why it is a bit of a shock and a letdown for many of fans to know the veteran host will be giving up the gig. Letterman is enough of an institution that he probably could have kept the gig for as long as he wanted (within reason), but it’s good to know that he will be retiring while he’s still on top, and won’t have the sort of exit Leno had.

We won’t be saying goodbye to Letterman just yet. The man will be on the air until 2015, when his contract with CBS will run out. We wish him the happiest of retirements, and best of luck on any future endeavors he decides to take on.

Without further ado, here’s the rest of the top ten list:

10: Wants to quit while he's still able to compete on Dancing With the Stars.9. Made millions selling crack to Rob Ford.8. Time slot was getting to "Jimmyesque."7. He's not retiring – he's "consciously unhosting."6. Stop! Hammock time!5. Hillary/Letterman 2016!4. After 31 years, finally got through to the Obamacare website!3. One word: E-Looprah2. Jay Leno needs a partner for next season's Amazing Race.1. Jimmy Fallon is stealing his bits.

And here’s Letterman’s speech about the beginning of the end…

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