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Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake SNL Highlights Include 'Twin Bed,' Impersonations And Celebrity Cameos

Within moments of the start of last night’s Saturday Night Live, it was evident that we were in for a treat. Rather than saving the host’s first appearance for the opening monologue, Jimmy Fallon and his musical guest (or co-host is probably a more accurate description) Justin Timberlake kicked off the episode with a reprisal of the Something-“ville” musically charged sketch, of which Timberlake is the usual recurring star. That was the first of many notable and laugh-out-loud moments from the episode, which included some pretty huge cameos, Madonna, Paul McCartney and Mayor Bloomberg among them.

The “Wrappinville” sketch can be watched above, and here’s the opening monologue, which had Jimmy Fallon doing some of his trademark musical impersonations before being interrupted by a Beatle.

Next up, we have Celebrity Family Feud, in which Fallon does an admirable job of impersonating Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory, but is out-shined by Justin Timberlake, who does an impersonation of Jimmy Fallon…

The celebrities turned out for the “Barry Gibb Talk Show” sketch, but I was almost too mesmerized by Timberlake’s teeth and Fallon’s chest-hair patch to notice…

Another laugher was the music video for (Do It On My) Twin Bed, a potential holiday classic about girlfriends who bring their boyfriends to their family home for the holidays, and have nowhere else to get it on but their childhood bedroom…

All in all, it was a pretty good episode, as even the weaker sketches were still funnier than average. And Timberlake’s musical performances were great too. You can watch the full episode below or check out more individual sketches at NBC’s website:

Kelly West
Kelly West

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