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Jimmy Fallon Sings Justin Timberlake's Praises In Saturday Night Live Promos

Jimmy Fallon is returning to Studio 8H to ring in a bit of holiday cheer for Saturday Night Live’s Christmas-themed episode this weekend. (Which, compared last week's seemingly holiday-centric John Goodman episode, will be impressive.) And with a musical guest like perma-fixture Justin Timberlake to goof around with, something tells us the two kooky dudes are going to get everyone into the festive spirit whether they want to be or not.

Decked out in seasonally appropriate garb — hey, it is snowing in New York, after all — the soon-to-be Tonight Show host and SNL cast member Kenan Thompson are pretty much just used as target practice for snowballs. Twice the men get a bit of the fluffy white tossed in their direction, though Thompson is the one throwing down on Fallon one of those times. But it’s well deserved! Fallon did try and scare us all with his declaration that musical guest Justin Timberlake would actually not be there after all, which is far too grinchy a sentiment for the holiday show.

But the over-stimulated manchild antics continue in all of their sing-songy glory when Fallon manages to sing through not one but four of the promos. (And he also manages to have a bit of a meltdown over the snow as any goodly child of man would. Because cold wetness, you guys!) Although I have to say, his lyrics for “Carol of the Bells” seem a bit off to me. “Watch SNL / This weekend please / Watch SNL / It’s really fun / Justin is here,” Fallon sings through before getting all up in our faces with his musical plea, ensuring us that this weekend is going to be fun. (Well I guess that settles it then!)

Probably because it’s all about — as Thompson points out — Justin Timberlake: or at least the singer might see it that way, given the eager SNL beaver that he is (there’s always that one guy who wishes he had been a comedian) during any and all appearances. The frequent 30 Rock fixture and disgruntled wannabe comedian will no doubt try his hand at a few sketches, given his aptitude for all things live comedy and his track record of hosting some of Saturday Night Live’s biggest episodes. Expect some sort of playful ribbing about not being asked to host. Or at least a bit of evolved dancing.

Rounding out the promos is a very 90s-era looking Jimmy (which has got to be from seeing him in all that flannel with a guitar), transported inside to sing and groove along with a feeling-it Kate McKinnon. You see, they’re both so excited they can’t seem to stop turning around and putting their legs up for the Christmas show. (That’s when you know it’s serious television business, you guys. That and the pinecone scent all over everything.)

Saturday Night Live with host Jimmy Fallon airs this Saturday, December 21 at 11:35PM on NBC.