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Jimmy Kimmel is up to no good again! Or his viewers are anyway. The late night talk show host is known to issue challenges to his viewers, requesting that they record the reaction and submit to the show. Last December, he had parents giving their kids disappointing Christmas gifts and recording their reactions. Most recently, he challenged viewers to unplug the TV in the middle of a crucial moment during Sunday’s Super Bowl Game. Of course, people did it and last night, some of the reactions were aired during Jimmy Kimmel Live.

This may be funnier to those of us who are relatively indifferent toward the outcome of a football game than to those who were on the edge of their seats last Sunday, hoping either the Giants or the Patriots won the Super Bowl. As you can imagine, a lot of people weren’t thrilled when the TV shut off in the middle of the game.

I think my favorite might be the person who shut the game off with a room full of people. Gutsy. The Christmas tree house is a close second.

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