Joanna Cassidy Will Guest Star On Bones

Just a few episodes after we’ve met Brennan’s mother, Bones fans will get to meet Booth’s mom. Body of Proof and Six Feet Under’s Joanna Cassidy has signed on to Fox’s oddball procedural to play Booth’s mother, Marianne Booth in an episode that will likely look into Booth’s past.

How could it not? We’ve never met Booth’s mother and all we really know about his bringing up is that he was raised by his grandfather and had no respect for his alcoholic father. I can’t remember a moment when his mother has really been brought up in the series, but apparently she’s alive and well after abandoning her children when they were little (I’ve always wondered if crappy parents are the reason Booth and Brennan are so perfect for one another). According to TV Guide, we won’t get to meet the woman for a while, yet. Cassidy is set to appear on the show’s Season 8 finale on April 29.

Bones has been really excited about exploring its characters’ pasts this season. From Sweets sharing his traumatizing years in foster homes to Bones spending time with her dead mother when knocked out after getting shot, the series seems to be putting its characters through spiritual journeys and remembrances. This likely seems as if it will be the case with Booth meet-up with his mother, as well. No doubt there are some hurt feelings in the past and Fox’s drama is more than willing to dredge them up.

Bones airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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