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Joey Fatone And Jersey Shore's Vinny Among The Cast Of Syfy's Jersey Shore Shark Attack

If I had to rank the Jersey Shore cast members by who I’d like to see get eaten by a (fictional) shark, Vinny Guadagnino would probably be at the bottom of the list. Of the group of reality stars featured in MTV’s ever-popular unscripted series, Vinny’s the sweet one. He’s cute and he loves his family and he manages to avoid the drama and keep things light most of the time. But he may very well be in danger of getting eaten by a shark as he’s among the cast of Syfy’s 2012 creature feature Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

EW posted the news, which includes news of other cast members in the film, including Joey Fatone, The Sopranos’ Tony Sirico, Goodfellas Paul Sorvino, Dallas’ Jack Scalia, and William Atherton of Die Hard. ?

The Syfy movie will take place during Fourth of July weekend and will have vacationers and residents at the Jersey Shore in danger of being devoured by one or more of the “swarms of sharks” that have arrived in the area just in time for a patriotic feast. While Joey Fatone will appear as himself, Guadagnino will be playing the “on-scene reporter” Conte. Given that there’s a good chance the film will be offering at least a few digs at “Guido” culture, Guadagnino’s participation in the film shows that he has a sense of humor about the show that brought him fame. Then again, he’s also proven in the past that he’s not above poking fun at himself...

Here's a photo of some of the cast of Jersey Shore Shark Attack. See the slightly larger version here.

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