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In addition to being probably the single best comedy on TV these days, NBC's Community has also featured an impressive line-up of guest stars. Jack Black. Anthony Michael Hall. Patton Oswalt. Betty White. And, in one of the greatest throwaway gags ever, Malcolm-Jamal Warner. The upcoming third season looks to be no exception, because they're bringing in the powerhouse that is John Goodman to make the Dean's life hell. In this new clip Goodman finally, definitively answers the question, "Wazzup?"

Goodman will be playing Vice Dean Robert Laybourne, who apparently runs Greendale's beloved and successful school of air conditioning repair. Naturally, a man of Laybourne's standing and reputation isn't going to suffer any namby-pamby touchy-feeliness from Dean Pelton (Jim Rash), not even in the face of the Dean's new chin foliage. (Unless the goatee is supposed to indicate that this is the Mirror Universe Dean, which I wouldn't put past the Community writers.) I can't wait till the inevitable showdown between Laybourne and Jeff Winger. There will be blood...

Also, has the word "rectum" ever sounded quite so menacing? If only Vice Dean Robert Laybourne had been around during the heyday of those damnable "Wazzaaaaaaaap" commercials.

Community returns to NBC on Thursday, September 22nd. You can check out the show's website right here.