Ovation is one of those television channels that isn't normally super popular. Dedicated to the arts and stuck in a high cable number, The Weinstein Company and Hubbard Media-owned station doesn’t get talked about particularly often. However, all that might change thanks to a new original programming lineup and one big import. On Thursday, Ovation announced it as eight projects in development, as well as five programs ready to air on U.S. television. One of the five programs is the prominent Sky Arts four-parter A Young Doctor’s Notebook, starring Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe.

We first heard about A Young Doctor’s Notebook almost a year ago. At that point, the project seemed tentative, but it did move forward, and American audiences eventually got to see a weird bathtub image and other stills and even a trailer for the Sky Arts drama. With the odd match-up of the Harry Potter actor and Mad Men star, A Young Doctor’s Notebook seems like one to catch, and it’ll be nice that it will air on television. The series is expected to premiere this summer.

Ovation also plans to roll out four other programs, soon. The first is the 12-episode series The Kuhnert Chronicles, which will follow Flynn Kuhnert and his sister Tara as they explore the world of art. Like A Young Doctor’s Notebook, The Kuhnert Chronicles is expected to premiere this summer. A second series, The Art Of… will follow artists in unusual fields, including mixology and tattooing. The 20-episode order will chronicle new artists each episode, and will premiere this July. Cinema Confidential will follow film critic Elvis Mitchell, who will head to the LACMA to interview Hollywood’s best and brightest on how certain film projects came together. According to THR, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Seth Rogen, and Judd Apatow have already signed on for the 11-episode series.

Rounding out all of these programs is a show called Culture Pop, which seems a little like a bad play on E!’s new “pop of culture” marketing campaign. Regardless of the bad title, Ovation seems to have a lot of faith in this program and has already ordered 26 episodes, which will premiere this June. The show will look at tons of random creative fields from photography to interior design and will offer handy top 10 lists and countdowns.

Clearly, unless you are super into the arts, a lot of this might be Yawnsville, but at least we can all look forward to catching A Young Doctor’s Notebook.

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