It looks like Judy Davis will not be appearing in 24: Live Another Day after all. The actor was lined up to play a villain in the upcoming Fox event series, however reports state that she has to drop out of the role due to personal reasons.

We learned back in December that Davis was set to play the role of a fierce German arms dealer named Margo in the hugely anticipated 24 followup. However, Deadline now reports that Davis has exited the role, citing personal family matters that are preventing her from leaving her native Australia to join the Fox event series, which has been shooting in London since late January.

It's disappointing news, as I think she would've made a great villain-type in the series, and I would've liked to see her character go head to head with Jack Bauer. Deadline's story describes the character as a British national and the widow of a notorious terrorist, which seems like an adjustment -- if not an addition to -- the original description. Either way, Margo sounds like she might not be the nicest woman.

Deadline says the producers expect to find a replacement soon, so we'll have to keep an ear out to see who's brought in to replace Davis. It certainly sounds like a good opportunity for a female actor looking to show off her darker side.

Fox just took a big leap forward in promoting 24: Live Another Day this past weekend, using the Super Bowl as a platform from which to launch their exciting new teaser, which puts Jack and Chloe on the streets of a London in disarray...

Seeing Jack Bauer all fired up is enough to whet the appetites of die-hard 24 fans everywhere...


And feel a bit of sympathy toward the London of the 24-verse, knowing the kind the chaos that tends to surround Jack Bauer. The old city will probably never be the same once Jack Bauer (and whoever he's pursuing) are through with it!

The event series will premiere on May 5. In addition to Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub, the cast includes Kim Raver, William Devane and Yvonne Strahovski. The series will retrain its real-time and split-screen format and will be comprised of 12 episodes representing 24 hours. It's set several years after the original FOX series wrapped up.

See more of my GIFfy reaction to the 24: Live Another Day teaser here.

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