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Jurnee Smollett And Amelia Rose Blaire Join True Blood For Season 6

True Blood is busy gearing up for Season 6 and has added two more names to the cast. Friday Night Lights’ and The Defenders’ Jurnee Smollett and 90210’s Amelia Rose Blaire have both joined the cast for the show’s new episodes. While Smollett will have a more prominent role, whether or not Blaire will stick around is likely dependent on performance, as well as the writers.

According to Deadline, the two women will be joining the cast in very different roles. Smollett is set to play Nicole Wright, a woman who doesn’t worry too much about her cash flow, but does worry about her morals and those of others. Smollett has spent the last couple of years jumping into movie roles as well as a couple of episodes of The Mob Doctor, but her role on True Blood will be another regular gig.

Blaire is joining the cast as the daughter of True Blood newcomer, Governor Burrell, who will be played by Arliss Howard. Blaire’s character, Willa Burrell, does not particularly get along with her father, or his anti-vampire policies. However, Governor Burrell’s and his daughter’s family problems run much deeper, as her mother and his wife left them for a vamp. Currently, Blaire’s role is only recurring, but as noted before, dependent on performance and writing, the young lady could very well become a series regular. And with a potential vampire war teased at the end of last season, I wouldn’t be shocked if vampire politics were front and center in Season 6.

HBO’s True Blood is set to premiere in June.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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