Rubicon's Arliss Howard Joins True Blood For Season 6

True Blood is gearing up for its sixth season on HBO and the show has already begun adding new members to the guest. Today, True Blood announced that veteran actor Arliss Howard is joining Season 6 in a regular role with plenty of onscreen political power. Arliss is set to play Governer Creighton Burrell, or as they would say in the Shreveport area, Gov’ner Burrell.

TV Line first broke the news, determining Howard’s character won’t exactly be bad guy, but he will be a hometown boy with a serious problem with vampires. This hatred results from his wife, who left him for one of the undead and forced him to become a single parent. Politicians are generally hard people, and this disgust and anger toward vampires might cause some additional problems for the stake-haters living in the Louisiana area (as if Eric and Pam don’t have enough on their plates, already). However the governor enters the plot, the series has a lot of loose ends to tie up this summer, and I’m interested to see how all of the various angles and complications will come together.

The last time Howard popped up onscreen, he was lucky enough to appear in Moneyball. In the TV realm, he’s recently played characters in Rubicon and Medium. We still have a while to wait to catch Howard in action as part of the True Blood crew—Season 6 isn’t expected to premiere until June. Until then, TV Blend will keep you up to date on casting and teasers for the series. We’re still a little early on for many of those, but do expect them to start popping up in the coming months.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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