Justin Long And Octavia Spencer To Guest Star On Chuck Lorre's CBS Comedy Mom

Have you been waiting for Justin Long and Anna Faris to re-unite on screen? Well, it's happening. Faris will be joined by her Waiting… co-star Justin Long in her new comedy series Mom, in which Long will guest star as a potential love interest. And that's not the only bit of guest-star news for the series, as there's another reunion set to take place. Octavia Spencer, who co-starred with Mom star Allison Janney in The Help, is also set to make an appearance.

According to TVline, this news was announced by Mom creator Chuck Lorre at the TCA press tour. Mom is one of CBS' upcoming new comedy series and the latest offering from the man who gave us Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. In it, Janney plays the mother of Anna Faris' Christy, a single mother of two and recovering alcoholic who's trying to get her life back on track. Janney's Bonnie is also a recovering alcoholic and is described as being "chock full of passive-aggressive insights into Christy's many mistakes."

The adorably charming and funny Justin Long will play a potential love interest to Chrisy. Or as Lorre put it, her "first shot at a meaningful relationship." From what Lorre says, this guy has no idea what he's in for, which suggests things don't go well. And given that he's a guest star, that's not too much of a spoiler.

Spencer's character description is a bit more vague, but from what TVLine reports, the woman has bigger problems than Christy. When Faris' character meets Spencer's, she's having a particularly bad day and ends up gaining some perspective from this woman, whose name isn't specified.

As mentioned, both guest stars have ties to the series' actual stars. Long starred in the 2005 Waiting…, a comedy that captured the misery of working in a chain restaurant with great humor. His more recent credits include the recurring role of Paul on New Girl, the voice of Gary on Unsupervised, and appearances in For A Good Time, Call…, Movie 43, and Steve Jobs in iSteve, a particularly fitting role when we consider his participation in the Mac commercials. Meanwhile, Spencer won herself and Oscar for The Help, which also happened to star Janney. Spencer's credited roles go back to the 90s, beginning with a small role in A Time To Kill. Since The Help, she's appeared in Smashed, 30 Rock and Fruitvale Station. From what I've seen of Spencer's work, she's as great with comedy as she is with drama, so I'm thinking she'll be a great fit for Mom.

Mom premieres on CBS on Monday, September 23.

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