The New York Post is reporting that their sources say American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is staged to “come out” on the cover of an upcoming issue of “Rolling Stone.” As the question of Lambert’s sexuality has been flying around for a while now, it’ll be interesting to see if The Post is right. Meanwhile, Idol “4th judge” Kara DioGuardi talked about Lambert’s sexuality on The View today. We’ve got a clip from the episode, in case you missed it.

The women of the view discuss whether or not Adam’s sexuality (or the question of it) may have made a difference in the votes. Below is a clip from DioGuardi’s interview on The View:

“I don’t think Adam was ever ‘in.’ I think he was always openly out,” Kara said of the Idol runner-up. That may have been the case for Adam in terms of his personal life and even during the off-camera portion of his Idol experience but as far as anyone who’s been following the Idol gossip over the past few months knows Adam hasn’t discussed his sexuality openly in interviews. So technically, he’s not “out” as far as the public is concerned.

My own personal opinion on Lambert’s sexuality is along the who-cares? line, however I do understand why people would question whether or not Lambert’s sexuality affected the votes in the American Idol and also whether or not he was smart to keep the subject of his sexual preference out of interviews. Part of me wonders if it would’ve been such a big deal had he come out from the beginning, while the other part of me wonders if he would’ve made it as far as he did if people knew he was gay.

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