After leaving CBS Evening News and announcing she would host her own daytime talk show on ABC come fall, anchorwoman Katie Couric has been busy getting ready to switch to the new network. I don’t think anyone would blame her if she stayed out of the media eye until Katie airs, but now that the show has a logo and a September 10 premiere date, Couric has been roaring to get back in the public eye. After a successful guest hosting gig on ABC’s Good Morning America, ABC has announced Couric is set to launch her own web series.

Couric’s brand new web series will launch on Tuesday, May 1 via a Yahoo page. The move to go digital is under the 55-year-old’s deal with ABC, and Deadline is reporting experts in various fields will be brought in to talk about a variety of topics that will change from day to day. From parenting to nutrition, I won’t complain about Couric getting another opportunity to do soft news.

There’s no word yet on whether the web series will tie-in with topics on Katie when the series launches this fall, but having more of a web presence will certain push the word out that Couric is gearing up for daytime television, once more. If we can’t quite remember back that far, the series should give fans the opportunity to see Couric in a realm where she does not have to be quite so serious. I personally appreciate her more when she’s smiling and being goofy, and as her ratings-breaking stint on Good Morning America showed, I don’t think I am alone.

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