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Ken Follett's World Without End Miniseries Will Hit Blu-ray In December

The miniseries vision of Ken Follett’s popular title World Without End premiered in the US last week on the network Reelzchannel. If you haven’t been able to keep up on television but are interested in catching the series, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is pulling a pretty quick turnaround with the set, and will be bringing World Without End to Blu-ray and DVD on December 4.

Tucking a series away onto Reelzchannel makes it seem like the miniseries may not be wholly worth our time. However, that isn’t the whole story. World Without End is the miniseries sequel to Pillars of the Earth, a story that was told on Starz. Negotiations went awry, and eventually, Reelzchannel came through in the clutch.

The series follows a group of people struggling in England in a period of strife in the country. England and France can’t seem to get along and, to make matters worse, the Plague is behind a slew of deaths. So, basically, the whole thing is like a really unfunny Monty Python sketch. The miniseries stars Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Richardson, Ben Chaplin, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Peter Firth. The acting performances and the story itself will be the highlights of both the Blu-ray and DVD sets. The only extra with both sets will be a behind-the-scenes narrative explaining how the miniseries came together.

I totally get why no one felt the need for extensive extras with the set, but fans should be prepared to shell out a pretty penny for both the DVD and Blu-ray. The list price for Blu-ray copies is $75.99 and for DVD’s it’s $65.99.

Jessica Rawden
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