Key & Peele's Obama And Anger Translator Luther Celebrate The Election Results

The polls are closed and it's being projected that Barack Obama will win this election and four more years in office. While that means a lot of things for America, what it means for Key & Peele fans is the potential for four more years of their Obama & Luther sketches. The comedic duo's portrayal of Barack Obama and his anger translator Luther is one of the best things the show has going for it. And to celebrate the projected victory of our President, they've issued a message to voters and viewers.

For those unfamiliar with these sketches, Jordan Peele plays Barack Obama, the reserved and usually polite president, while Keegan-Michael Key plays Luther, Obama's "anger translator," whose job it is to translate Obama's comments into angry outbursts, saying what Obama is too polite to say.

Comedy Central just released this video, which has Obama and Luther reacting to the election results. As you can imagine, they're in a good mood.

The Hammer dance seems like a fitting reaction to good news. But Obama can't stand by and let his translator bring back MC Hammer's signature moves alone. And I think the president has Luther beat on his version of the dance.

Key & Peele airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. (after South Park) on Comedy Central.

Kelly West
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