Kickass Female Character To Join Spartacus Vengeance

Earlier today, we shared some photos of Liam McIntyre as Spartacus in the Starz gladiator drama series, which is set to return for it’s second (sort of ) season in January. Now there’s some interesting news and a clarification on a "kickass" female character set to be introduced in Spartacus: Vengeance. (Vague spoiler ahead)

TV Guide posted a description for a new character that will be introduced in Spartacus: Vengeance. Vengeance will serve as the second season to the series (not counting the Gods of the Arena prequel season, which aired earlier this year). Here's what TV Guide had to say on the new role:

Are you ready for a female gladiator? In Season 2, we'll meet a beautiful, vicious woman who is capable of giving any of the male victors a run for their aureuses (ancient Roman currency — thanks, Wikipedia!). She's a passionate competitor — both on the battlefield and in the bedroom.

A female gladiator?! Not quite. Series creator/showrunner Steven DeKnight posted this status update on his facebook page tonight:

Bit of confusion out there today. There are no female gladiators in Season 2. Kick ass women who could kill the shit out of you, yes. Gladiatrix, no. The breakdown for a new role was misinterpreted.

So, no gladiatrix for Season 2 of Spartacus, but the idea of a tough, possibly scary female character does sound intriguing. While DeKnight debunks the mentioned title/position of this female character, he doesn’t reference the rest of TV Guide’s description, which suggests that this woman will be of the sexy kickass variety (or passionate in the bedroom, anyway). Will she be a love interest to Spartacus? He is technically on the market. We also know from Gods of the Arena that Doctore/Oenomaus is also single. Knowing what he’s been through now, I’d love to see him in a new romantic relationship. A sexy, badass fighting-type would be an interesting contrast to his wife Melitta, but I can picture it.

Then again, given that some of the eligible bachelors on this show are available for dating opportunities because the women they loved died, perhaps this new female character will think twice before entering into a love affair with any of them.

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