Kitchen Nightmares Producers Bringing Save Our Business To TNT

TNT has put together a brand new reality series starring an entrepreneur and millionaire from Britain. That millionaire is Dragon’s Den’s Peter Jones and each week the man will travel across the United States using his time, energy, and sometimes his own finances to help a business get back on its feet. Fittingly, TNT’s new series is rolling with the working title, Save Our Business.

Honestly, Save Our Business sounds sort of like a cross between Dragon’s Den (if you are in the States think Shark Tank) and Kitchen Nightmares. The series will feature a presentable and well-dressed millionaire (who still has his hair) at the forefront, it will take a look at various small business entrepreneurs, and, like Fox’s Gordon Ramsey-led series, it will try to fix the inherent problems in the businesses. This is a format that has worked for networks in the past, and in fact, Kitchen Nightmares’ Arthur Smith and Kent Weed are signed on to executive produce, along with American Gangster’s Frank Sinton. The series is in pretty capable hands.

The real concern is whether or not TNT’s viewers are looking for a series of this ilk. Currently, TNT has signed on for six episodes of Save Our Business, set to air later in 2013. Each episode will focus on Peter Jones visiting one new business each week and designing a plan to keep that business running. The series is a little different from the many dramas that normally predominate TNT’s original programming, but we’ll have to wait and see if Save Our Business can find a niche.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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