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Late Show With Stephen Colbert Sets Its 2015 Premiere Date

Fans of The Colbert Report have undoubtedly been experiencing a harsher winter than most, without Stephen Colbert’s large right wings keeping us warm and toasty. While Colbert’s conservative edge is getting rounded out by his transition from Comedy Central to CBS’ The Late Show, he’ll still be a stellar addition to the late night line-up. CBS has decided Tuesday, September 8 will be his first night behind the Late Show desk. Just in time for International Literacy Day.

The news was announced today by CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler. Of course, Colbert had a more colorful way of putting it, according to the press release.

I have nine months to make a show, just like a baby. So first, I should find out how you make a baby.”

Kind of strange that The Late Show will be coming back on a Tuesday night instead the night before, but I guess nobody wants to start a new job on a Monday. Letterman will be pulling the plug on his 22-year Late Show run on Wednesday, May 20. I also see why someone would want to end their workweek on a Wednesday. These late night talk show guys really get me.

Details about the Late Show’s new creative team are yet to be announced, and we’re still not sure yet who Colbert’s first guests will be. If he has David Letterman on to mirror Colbert’s recent Late Show appearance, that might ease everyone into things a little better. Or, if we’re wishing, maybe he could have Strangers with Candy co-star Amy Sedaris on, as her Colbert Report spots were always hilarious.

A Second City alum whose public persona has always been contained inside a comedic force field, Colbert will be a strange sight to see in New York City’s Ed Sullivan theater. Pegged as Letterman’s replacement last April, Colbert had his last Colbert Report telecast on December 18. You can check out the amazing star-studded singalong from the final episode below. Is more of that kind of viral-friendly content coming?

Colbert will be taking over the Late Show two months after James Corden breaks the ice fronting the Late Late Show, taking over for former host Craig Ferguson. Will you guys be tuning into CBS (opens in new tab) for Colbert’s debut on Tuesday, September 8?

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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