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Dexter’s Lauren Velez has been signed on for a multiepisode arc on ABC’s Ugly Betty. Velez, whom you may also remember from her role in HBO’s Oz (she played Dr. Gloria Nathan, the prison doctor that Dean Winters’ character Ryan O’Reily was into), is set to play a nurse in Betty.

According to the Hollywood reporter, “Details about her character and how she will interact with Betty (America Ferrera) and the rest of the Suarez clan are being kept under wraps, but word is that she is tied to a plot twist that might involve the death of a major character.”

As much as I hate to speculate this, I’m guessing Ignacio’s health is going to take a turn for the worse. The series has already done the whole sudden character death before, with Hilda’s fiancé Santos getting shot in a robbery and Betty’s father has been on medication (for his heart?) since the beginning of the series, hasn’t he?

As for Velez, I haven’t seen Dexter but she was great in Oz.