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As the upcoming super-spinoff Legends of Tomorrow gets closer to making its way to our eyeballs, we’re finding out more about the many characters that will populate its shared universe. We now know who will be don Hawkman’s giant pair of wings for The CW’s trio of superhero shows, and viewers can look forward to seeing German actor Falk Hentschel as the reincarnated Egyptian prince. Considering the hero’s jaw is what’s predominantly seen while he’s wearing his mask, I think the producers locked down a winner in Hentschel.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait until Legends of Tomorrow to see Hentschel’s Hawkman (real name Carter Hall)in action. Like many of the spinoff’s other characters, Hawkman will first appear in the planned crossover episodes between Arrow Season 4 and The Flash Season 2 coming later this fall, though it’s unclear from the Variety story in what capacity he’ll be introduced. Personally, I’m hoping he and Barry get into a dust-up before it’s realized that they’re all on the same team, as I enjoy seeing Barry get angry for some reason.


Rather than a one-off hero, Hawkman is the catch-all name for a series of reincarnations of the Egyptian Khufu, who uses the Hawk god Horus as his inspiration. The hero uses the alien-originated Nth metal in his wings, boots, belt and weapons, all of which can be controlled mentally. The souls of Hawkman and Hawkgirl are forever entwined in a romantic way, although Legends of Tomorrow’s Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders initially has no memory of her past or her fate. Perhaps the crossover episodes will explain that side of the story.

First breaking into the business as an uncredited Hot Cop stripper on Arrested Development, Hentschel got his first big break in the Tom Cruise action comedy Knight and Day, later taking roles in White House Down, Extraction and Transcendence. On the small screen, he’s most recently starred in CBS’ Reckless, which followed bit parts on show such as NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI and Revenge. Interestingly, this won’t be the actor’s first trip to the comic book world, as he starred on a Season 2 episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Though The Flash and Arrow will kick off their next seasons in October, we won’t get a chance to peep out Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow until January 2016.

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