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As one of the more unique spinoffs in TV history, The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow is a mixed bag of new and recognizable characters that not only appeals to fans of flagship shows Arrow and The Flash, but also to large swaths of comic book fans in general. It looks like this approach was exactly what the doctor ordered, assuming the doctor is also a network programming exec, and the superpowered adventure brought in huge ratings for The CW and even helped follow-up drama The 100 earn some banging numbers of its own.

Together, Legends of Tomorrow and The 100 gave The CW its best Thursday night audiences in over three years as far as total ratings go, and the network saw its best 18-49 demo ratings for the night in over two years. Thursday nights used to be run by The Vampire Diaries on The CW, and it looks like the change-up from fantastical drama to…another fantastical drama…was a smart move, and audiences certainly did what the network was hoping.

To break it all down, Legends of Tomorrow’s twist-driven Season 1 premiere brought in 3.14 million people and became the highest-rated program in that time slot for the network in over three years, while the 1.2 demo rating was the highest for the time period in the two years since The Vampire Diaries’ 100th episode in early 2014. And as far as the male side of the 18-49 demo goes, the series premiere was the highest-rated telecast in that time slot since February 2010. The episode also managed to double the ratings that the timeslot has seen previously this season.

Now, the premiere didn’t manage to top the fairly outstanding numbers earned by the series premiere of The Flash in 2014, but it’s the biggest debut for the network since that time. And it also managed to beat out ABC and NBC programming for that hour for the key demographic. Take that!

As far as The 100 goes, the Season 3 premiere was the highest-rated episode in the key demo since the series’ second episode in 2014, and it brought in the biggest numbers (1.98 million) since another Season 1 episode. The post-apocalyptic drama also managed to double up the average audience for that time period this season.

Will Legends of Tomorrow manage to keep its ratings up and growing throughout the season? It’s definitely possible, considering there are plenty of new actors and fan-favorite characters coming later in the year. Baby steps first, though, so don’t forget that Legends of Tomorrow will be back next week for ”Pilot: Part 2,” and you can find the show every Thursday night on The CW. To see what else you should be watching, check out our midseason TV schedule.
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