Legion Is Getting A TV Follow-Up At Syfy With Dominion Pilot

Is there room for a war involving angels, demons and humans over at Syfy? We may find out as Syfy has greenlit a pilot called Dominion, which is based on the characters featured in Scott Stewart's 2010 supernatural action film Legion. The movie starred Paul Bettany as a renegade angel named Michael, who comes to the rescue of a diner owner and his patrons when they're set to fight an army of angels and demons.

From what Deadline reports, the 90-minute pilot will be based on the characters from the movie and is described as an epic supernatural action drama. Now, here's where the tie-in might be most relevant. The original film involved a pregnant woman whose unborn child might be the salvation of mankind. Deadline says the pilot follows "the perilous journey of a rebellious young soldier who discovers he's the unlikely savior of humanity." So, is this guy the baby 25 years later? Just a bit of speculation. I still haven't actually gotten around to seeing Legion, so I have no idea how the movie leaves off. I may have to get on that if this project moves forward.

The pilot is set to be directed by Legion writer/director Scott Stewart, with Sons of Anarchy's credited for writing the pilot. Those hoping for more sci-fi at Syfy probably won't celebrate this news, unless they were a big fan of Legion and waiting for a sequel. Either way, angels seems to fall into the supernatural category, with some religious undertones. And that's not entirely out of Syfy's wheelhouse when we consider shows like Being Human.

Deadline goes on to report some updates on other projects at Syfy, in addition to Dominion. There are a number of projects rising to the top of Syfy's list, one of which might end up going straight to series. One is the 12 Monkeys project we reported on previously, and another is Clandestine, from Todd Stashwick and Dennis Calero. That one's described as "a swashbuckling space drama/adventure revolving around mercenaries who masquerade as part of an intergalactic fleet." Clandestine's been in development at Syfy since last summer. Another one that's been in development since August is Proof, the project in the works from Marti Noxon and M. Night Shyamalan, Proof, which is about the son of a billionaire tech genius who offers a reward to anyone who can find proof of life after death. And finally, there's Phil Levens and Jason Blum's Sojourn, about a space detective tasked with investigating a murder on a starship. It sounds like there's enough sci-fi to go around within those projects, which may leave a bit more room at the network for angels and other supernatural dramas. We'll have to wait and see which of these actually make it to series.

Here's the Legion movie trailer:

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