For the first time since Jay Leno’s return, he’s been bested in the ratings by old rival David Letterman. If you listen closely you can hear not only the hoops and hollers of CBS Late Show supporters but also millions of smug I told you sos from Conan fans nationwide. I guess the only question is what the hell took so long? And what will the premiere of Conan’s TBS show do to these numbers?

According to Zap2It, Letterman also won out amongst adults 18 to 54 last week, which is the key figure when negotiating ad revenue. I applaud these developments as I am a consumer who thinks for himself and thus, can’t stand Jay Leno’s easy-way-out, lowest common denominator strategy to late night hosting.

I once asked my aunt why she preferred Jay Leno, and she said, “He’s just a lot easier to zone in and out of. I appreciate that when I’m tired.” Maybe people just pay more attention during Halloween week. Then again, maybe we’re seeing a permanent shift in late night sensibilities. Either way, Conan’s about to get in his say.

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