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Ricky Gervais has gotten himself back into the fake documentary business, and while those of us stateside will have to wait until 2012 to see the new series Life’s Too Short when it eventually premieres on HBO, people across the pond got to see it premiere on BBC 2 this week. Check out this clip from the series, which features guest star Liam Neeson.

Life’s Too Short stars Warwick Davis as an actor who finds himself in a bit of a tax situation, which prompts him to allow a camera crew to film his life 24/7. This week’s premiere episode had Warwick looking to funny-men Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant for advice. Liam Neeson also appears, as you’ll see in this clip, where he tries to be funny, and unintentionally succeeds. His sense of humor is subtle and soft-spoken and it works perfectly in the scene.

On a semi-related note, Neeson’s demonstrated obsession incorporating AIDS into his skit reminds me of The Office’s Michael Scott's inability to do improv without somehow incorporating a gun into every skit. Since we’re on the subject of The Office (originally created by Ricky Gervais) and AIDS, I’ll leave Mr. Neeson with this quote:
”There are certain topics that are off limits to comedians: JFK, AIDS, the Holocaust. The Lincoln assassination just recently became funny. I need to see this play like I need a hole in the head. And I hope to someday live in a world where a person could tell a hilarious AIDS joke. Still one of my dreams.” - Michael Scott