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Be Like Cartman And Have Your Own Marc Jacobs South Park Inspired Muscle Man Marc Doll

I'm not sure if this news will appeal more to die-hard South Park fans or to those who simply must have the latest Marc Jacobs anything. If you happen to be both, then you'll most definitely appreciate this. The "Muscle Man Marc Doll" featured during Season 15 of Comedy Central's long-running animated comedy series is now for sale.

Evidently, the shirtless wrestler-looking stuffed doll was modeled after fashion designer Marc Jacobs. He's Muscle Man Marc and he's for sale! Those who saw the episode titled 1% will have glimpsed the doll seated among Cartman's group of plush supporters. If your memory's rusty, watch the clip below.

Now fans of South Park and/or Marc Jacobs can have a Muscle Man Marc doll of their very own, for the price of $125. That seems about right for something with Marc Jacobs stamped on it somewhere. The doll is already for sale at And as you'll see, it comes in a box with both the South Park and Marc Jacobs logos on it. It's also worth noting that the back of the box includes a Faith +1 sticker. A nod to Cartman's Christian rock band.

And for anyone who doubts the resemblance of the doll and the designer, we have this…

It's probably not the toy every kid's going to be asking for this Christmas, but it may turn out to be a nice collector's item, or at the very least, a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on when your friends are ganging up on you and you need some silent support.