As a big believer in comebacks, I feel certain that sooner or later Lindsay Lohan will find herself back in the spotlight for reasons other than matters concerning her personal life. While she has yet to really jump-start the next phase of her career, with the exception of a random starring role in an ABC Family movie a couple years back, and an appearance in Machete, a hosting gig on SNL may be just what the star needs to remind people of her talent and potential.

Am I being too optimistic? Possibly. Regardless, we’ll find out soon enough what Lohan has to offer in the way of entertainment that doesn’t include Playboy photo spreads and tabloid fare when she hosts Saturday Night Live next month. The announcement was made during last night’s episode, which was hosted by Maya Rudolph. While it doesn't look like NBC has issued an official release with the news of Lohan’s upcoming appearance on SNL, the SNL announcer shared the news leading into a commercial, following the “Maya Angelou” sketch. Lohan will host March 3rd, with musical guest Jack White.

This won’t be Lohan’s first time hosting. By EW’s count, she’s already hosted three times already. But this time around could prove to be a crucial venture, should it prove to be a successful episode.

Again, as a fan of comebacks, I’m maintaining an optimistic approach on this one that Lohan will not only bring something great to the sketch comedy series, but that this will hopefully be just the start of better things to come for her.

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