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New Live With Kelly Co-Host To Be Revealed Next Month

For the better part of a year, Kelly Ripa has gone without a permanent co-host on her syndicated morning talk sow, currently titled Live! with Kelly. In less than a month, the new season gets going and Ripa will be hosting solo for the premiere, but the next day, viewers will learn who is joining her to become the new permanent co-host on the series.

Since Regis Philbin left the talk show last November, Ripa has been joined by a number of guest stars, who've aided her in her hosting duties. According to USA Today (opens in new tab), there've been a total of 59 different men and women guest-hosting with Ripa on Live! with Kelly. And while that certainly helps in adding a bit of variety to the mix, I'm sure plenty of people would like to see Ripa settled down with a trusted co-host to call her own.

It looks like they found someone and the big name will be announced on September 4. To answer the question: Who will be Kelly Ripa's new co-host? Ripa will take the stage with her new partner the day after the season premiere. Who will it be? We have a couple of weeks to speculate, but it's certainly big news for the series. Guest hosts are fun to change things up once in a while, but if the format of the show is set up for two hosts, it's probably hard to get the series settled into a natural groove when the person sitting in the second seat is constantly changing. I'm sure fans will be eager to see who's joining Kelly on the series, which premieres for its new season September 3.

(Guests for the episode are Claire Danes and American Idol's Philip Phillips).

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