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Longoria, Jackman And Applegate Visiting Sesame Street

This month and February, Sesame Street is set to feature numerous celebrity guest appearances, including a visit from Eva Longoria, Hugh Jackman and Christina Applegate.

Longoria’s normal TV residence is Wisteria Lane, but next month the Desperate Housewives star will be visiting Sesame Street to present a rather fitting Word on the Street: Exquisite. Jackman’s appearance will have him introducing the word “concentrate.” Below is the schedule of appearances.

• Tuesday, Jan. 19th: Juliana Margulies helps Big Bird when he hurts his wing; Matthew Fox presents the Word on the Street: “Bone.”

• Thursday, Jan. 21st: Rocco Fiorentino stops by for some fun on Sesame Street; Kobe Bryant presents the Word on the Steet: “Miniature.”

• Monday, Jan. 25th: Christina Applegate presents the Word on the Street: “Booth.”

• Wednesday, Jan. 27th: Hugh Jackman presents the Word on the Street: “Concentrate.”

• Tuesday, February 16th: Debi Mazar presents the Word on the Street: “Humungous.”

• Thursday, Feb. 18th: Eva Longoria presents the Word on the Street: “Exquisite.”

Sesame Street airs on PBS Kids. Check your local listings to find the specific channel and time.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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