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The CBS drama pilot Intelligence has tapped a Lost star for the leading role. Josh Holloway will come on board the project, which is based on the unpublished book by John Dixon called Dissident, in a starring role.

Intelligence is among two dramas picked up by CBS just last week. It centers on a U.S. Cyber Command unit among whom is an agent with above average abilities; he has a chip implanted in his head that allows him to “access the entire electromagnetic spectrum”. I have to admit that I am not tech-savvy enough to know what that might mean, but I am assuming it’s a useful ability.

Deadline says Josh Holloway has been cast in the role of former Navy SEAL Gabriel Black who is now dedicated to his work in intelligence. It’s not clear whether this character is the one with the implant in his head or not; although that role is the only one specifically mentioned in the description of the pilot, there may be other equally leading roles.

Since moving on from Lost in 2010, Holloway has popped up in a guest role on Community and done a few movie roles including Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise. This project would mark his return to television in a regular role if it goes forward to series.

Intelligence is being directed by Person of Interest’s David Semel, and is drawing some comparisons to that show. North Country’s Michael Seitzman is writing the pilot. We’ll keep you updated on the casting.

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