Lucy Lawless Joins Elisabeth Moss In BBC Miniseries Top Of The Lake

Lucy Lawless has made a name for herself in genre programming, which has likely earned her a healthy-sized crop of fans who love her from her days in Xena: Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica, and the currently airing Starz series Spartacus: Vengeance (see also Blood and Sand, and Gods of the Arena). While we may associate her with her roles as a warrior, a Cylon, or the crafty Lucretia, I expect she’s just as capable of bringing her talents to series that don’t have her dressed for another era or reality.

According to TV Line, Lawless is set to join the cast of BBC Worldwide’s Top of the Lake. The seven-part miniseries will air on this side of the pond on the Sundance Channel. Per TV Line, it’s co-directed and co-written by Jane Campion (The Piano and follows a detective (played by Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss) who is looking for a missing 12-year-old pregnant girl (yikes!) who is also the daughter of a local drug lord (played by Peter Mullan). Holly Hunter is also among the cast.

TV Line doesn’t specify what role Lawless will play. While this sounds a bit outside her comfort zone, it’s not entirely unfamiliar territory. At least, the setting isn’t. The miniseries is set to be filmed in New Zealand, which is not only the location for Lawless’ current series Spartacus, it’s also the home country of Lawless, which may (at least partially) explain her involvement in it. And hopefully the possibly-convenient location means this role won't affect her work on Spartacus. It's hard to picture Capua without Lucretia!

Kelly West
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