MTV is moving forward with a number of unscripted series, one of which is named after and inspired by the documentary that took Sundance by storm, Catfish. Not shying away from “reality” in the slightest, MTV also has three other unscripted series on the horizon.

If you’re frustrated by the lack of music on MTV these days, this news isn’t likely to thrill you. MTV has four new unscripted series coming up, according to Deadline.. I expect all of these to become addictive to those of us who get sucked into those weekend marathons:

Brought to us by the producers of the film Catfish, which followed a man as he pursued a woman he was seeing romantically online, this series features couples who met online and are about to meet in person for the first time. The star of the film, Nev Schulman, who knows a thing or two about how tricky the whole online-dating thing can be, will offer guidance and help throughout the situation.

Rather than showing off their custom-built closets and flat-screens, this series has celebrities returning to their hometown to show fans where they came from. The pilot episode follows Ke$ha back to her hometown of Nashville. Just as there are likely to be no shortage of celebs willing to open their doors to MTV’s camera crews to display their amazing homes to their fans, something tells me there will be just as many who’d love the opportunity to show viewers where they came from.

Wait Till Next Year
This half-hour docu-series follows the football team at Lincoln Park High School. The team’s been suffering a spectacular five-year losing streak (43 games in a row!). With a new coach they hope to break the streak and actually win a game. A sports reality series? This is a risky one. On one hand, documenting a comeback could make for a great show. In the other hand, if the comeback doesn’t happen, this could be hard to watch. Either way, if there’s a story (or stories) to tell here, they’ll find it.

Wake Brothers
This one follows competitive wake boarders Philip and Bob Soven. Philip is 22 and the #1 pro wake boarder in the world, but he may lose his spot if his 19-year-old brother has anything to say about it. According to the description, the brothers’ competitiveness extends beyond the water, as the two go head to head to out-do each other in other aspects of their lives.

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