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Man Wiretaps Britain's Got Talent

The lengths some people will go to unearth inside information still appalls me. Apparently, Simon Cowell feels the same way after a listening bug was discovered in the judging chambers for Britain’s Got Talent. Thomas Dunn, a forty-five year old man, was arrested later in the day, after police found him inside his car listening to the critics bantering back and forth.

According to The Sun, taping was halted for over an hour as police sorted out the surreptitious mess, but things eventually got back on track. The man was also booked for an unrelated speeding violation. I know obsessed fans will do a lot of borderline immoral things in the name of reality television, but this seems a little too far for even the most devoted enthusiast. I’d throw fifty bucks down in Vegas on the assertion this is somehow related to an illegal gambling ring. It just has to be.

For now, Britain’s Got Talent is going on as planned. Its most famous judge, Simon Cowell, can be seen every Tuesday and Wednesday on American Idol. Click here to read Jon Costantino’s weekly recap.

Mack Rawden

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