History is about to explore the story of mankind with their new six-part miniseries, set to premiere tomorrow night. Mankind The Story of All of Us delves into the history of the human race, from the days of hunting and gathering through the eras that followed, exploring humanity from a historical perspective to see how the species has survived through the centuries.

The 12-hour television event is narrated by Josh Brolin and features dramatic reconstructions of various key turning points throughout mankind's history. What has this species faced and overcome? How did man survive through the wars, disease and the elements? What are some of the key events that have shaped the history of our species? These are questions set to be explored.

Tomorrow night's premiere episode begins with the start of mankind and how the species survived the Ice Age and the other threats they faced. From the invention of fire, to the planting of seeds, to fights for land and inevitably war, Part 1 explores man's beginnings.

The promos below offer a look at some of the reenactments we mentioned.

I screened the first episode of this series and I have to say, History's gone above and beyond to deliver a show that's both interesting and entertaining. The time and effort put into this series comes through in the cinematic quality of the reenactments and the compelling way the show takes us through history, touching on various points in time and focusing on what they meant for the evolution of mankind. It offers a fascinating broad perspective on man's long journey on this planet.

Part of History's promotions for the series is a page on their website that features "Bet You Didn't Know" historical facts. You can view thos at history.com/facts.

Mankind The Story Of All Of Us premieres Tuesday, November 13 at 9/8c on History.

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