There wasn’t a lot of turnover time to prepare the new American Idol judges before they embarked on the tour that would lead new contestants into the fold. Only two shows have been shot so far, but Mariah Carey say she is taking her judging role at American Idol very seriously and is wowed by the talent that has stepped forward to present in front of her, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson.

Carey recently spoke to THR to discuss her strategies as a brand new judge, saying she does her best to be open with her critiques, but not to say harsh things for the sake of saying harsh things.
"I'm a producer and I'm a songwriter, and I look at myself as a singer as kind of third. But I look at these kids as though we're in the studio producing a record. And if I feel they should have done something a certain way, I'll say, 'you can try this, you can try this,' only in a constructive way, to sort of be a guide and someone to give them guidance rather than, like, judging somebody."

An early photo from the set showed the judges sitting pretty uncomfortably in their new row of seats, with Carey on one end next to Keith Urban and Jackson on the other end, next to Minaj. Despite everyone (but Jackson) looking a little out-of-place, Carey says her experiences so far have been overwhelmingly positive.
"It's been very interesting. The main thing is seeing how many diverse voices there are out there, and how much untapped talent there really is and we're only in the first two shows so far."

By the time we see the judges on TV, I’m sure they will come across as seasoned veterans of reality singing competitions. For, now it’s nice to know Carey is embracing the challenges and seeming to roll with the punches. Hopefully, Urban and Minaj will be able to do the same.

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