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This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy has not one but two guest stars making an appearance. No, I’m not referring to Kevin McKidd, the new trauma surgeon whom I prefer to refer to as McGrumpy-pants. He’s great but hardly news after already having appeared a few times already in the show. In Thursday’s episode, titled “These Ties That Bind,” Melissa George and Mary McDonnell will both be playing roles among the staff at Seattle Grace.

Mary McDonnell, whom those of us who watch Battlestar Galactica know best from her role as Laura Roslin, will play Virginia Dixon, a heart surgeon with Asperger’s Syndrome. If you’re not a BSG fan, you might remember her from her role as the dying First Lady in Independence Day or one of the many other TV and film roles she’s played.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous Melissa George, who played the evil Lauren Reed in Alias will be visiting Seattle Grace as an intern named Sadie, who also happens to be an old friend of Meredith’s.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursday nights at 9:00 PM ET on ABC.