Could this be better news for Matthew Perry? (I will never outgrow my delight at Chandler-speak.) Despite two relatively recent unsuccessful series starring the actor, NBC clearly hasn’t lost faith in the Friends star. The official word has come down from the network to move forward with the comedy pilot starring Perry called Go On, giving it a 13-episode order.

Deadline shared the news of the pick-up today, stating that Go On is a single-camera comedy that comes from Perry and co-creator Scott Silveri (Friends, Joey), and stars Perry as a charming sportscaster who suffers some kind of loss, and finds solace in a mandatory support group. So, it sounds like a comedy, but there may be some drama tied into it, depending on how bad the mentioned but unspecified "loss" is and what goes on in the support group. Hopefully we'll get more specifics on the plot now that the pilot has been picked up to series.

Perry recently appeared on The Good Wife, but he’s probably best known for playing Chandler Bing in the ’90’s sitcom Friends. Unfortunately, later attempts to star on a television series haven’t worked out so well for him, with neither NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip nor ABC’s Mr. Sunshine surviving beyond a first season. Perhaps re-teaming with a Friends writer will end up being just the right formula for success this time around. NBC's decision to give it an order ahead of their other pilots certainly suggests that NBC feels confidently about it.

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